KP HR Connect – HRconnect Kaiser Permanente Portal

KP HR Connect is an online employee portal launched by Kaiser Permanente to improve connectivity between employees and the organization. KP HR Connect acts as a one-stop destination for all HR needs of Kaiser Permanente employees.

KP HR Connect login portal allows employees convenient access to their pay information, tax documents, work schedule, timecard, absence reporting, job openings within Kaiser, total rewards information and more. Employees can manage everything at one place without contacting different departments.

Some of the major benefits of KP HR Connect are:

  • Easy access to pay stubs, W2 and total rewards statement
  • Submit and track reimbursement requests
  • View work schedule and request time off
  • Check vacation/sick leave balances
  • Access employee handbooks and policies
  • Find internal job openings and career development programs

Required Credentials For KP HRConnect Portal

To access the KP HR Connect portal, employees need to have the following credentials:

  • Kaiser Permanente NUID (Nine-digit Unique Identifier Number)
  • Password set up for Kaiser systems

New employees are provided these login credentials during onboarding. In case employees forget password, they can easily reset it by correctly answering security questions.

Forgotten NUID can be recovered using employee ID and by contacting KP HR Connect helpline number.

Log in to the Kaiser My HR KP Portal

Here are the steps to log in to Kaiser Permanente My HR portal:

  1. Go to HRCONNECT.KP.ORG on web browser
  2. Enter the Kaiser Permanente NUID
  3. Enter password
  4. Click on Login

On successful login, homepage with employee dashboard will open. Dashboard gives quick glance of available time off, recent paychecks, reimbursement status, current benefits summary and more.

Left side navigation menu allows access to detailed menus and services.

Recover your Kaiser NUID

If employees forget or lost their Kaiser NUID, it can be easily recovered by contacting KP HR Connect helpline or by using self-service option.

Follow below steps for self-service NUID recovery:

  1. Visit and click on “Forgot User ID?” link
  2. Accurately enter employee ID (on Kaiser work ID badge)
  3. Enter social security number
  4. Enter date of birth
  5. Select and answer security questions
  6. Enter new NUID provided on the next page

On successful verification, the system will display your Kaiser Permanente NUID. Employees can then use it to access KP HR Connect by resetting password if needed.

How To Access Or Manage Work Schedule At My HR Kaiser?

KP HR Connect offers convenient features to access or manage work schedules.

Access Work Schedule

To check work schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Login to KP HR Connect portal
  2. Go to My Time > My Schedule
  3. Select intended week to view full weekly schedule

The schedule view displays clock-in, clock-out timings, lunch breaks, assigned dealer and days marked for time-off.

Manage Work Schedule

Employees can also manage their work schedule by:

  • Swapping shifts with colleagues
  • Bidding on open shifts
  • Requesting days off in advance

To swap, bid or request days off, employees need to enter it in the system. Manager approval is required before schedule changes reflect for the employee.

Background on Kaiser Permanente

Before delving into the details of KP HR Connect, it is helpful to understand the scale of Kaiser Permanente. As one of America’s leading health care providers and not-for-profit health plans, Kaiser Permanente is a major force in the industry. It serves over 12 million members across 8 states and Washington, D.C. Kaiser Permanente operates 39 hospitals and over 700 medical offices, with more than 300,000 personnel nationwide.

Given its massive size, complexity of operations, and large employee base, HR systems and processes at Kaiser Permanente have been fragmented across multiple tools, websites, and non-integrated platforms. This led to significant administrative burdens for HR staff and a suboptimal, disjointed experience for employees. KP HR Connect aims to consolidate systems and enable self-service to overcome these challenges.

Overview of KP HR Connect Platform

My KP HR Connect brings together an array of HR-related capabilities into a single access point delivered through a consumer-grade user experience. Let’s explore some of its key features and functionalities.

Key Features and Capabilities

KP HR Connect integrates self-service functionality, access to payroll details, benefits selections, personalized content feeds, and profile management. Key capabilities include:

  • Self-service for routine HR requests
  • Access to pay details and tax documents
  • Benefits enrollment and life event changes
  • Personalized content feeds
  • Profile and contact information updates
  • Manager access to direct reports’ info
  • Real-time chat support and AI bot for questions

Additional functionality such as learning management, succession planning, and recruiting solutions will be incorporated over time.

Access and Navigation

The platform is accessible from any device via single sign-on using employee credentials. The interface uses a simple, clean design system allowing users to easily navigate between sections. Intuitive menus, navigation, and search make it simple to find information or initiate requests.

Real-time chatbots provide support in case users have any difficulty with system functionality. The experience adjusts across mobile and desktop applications to optimize for the device.

Mobile Experience

The KP HR Connect mobile app enables employees to view their data on the go from their mobile devices. Its responsive interface automatically adjusts layouts and components for an optimal experience on iOS and Android devices.

Given the prevalence of mobile device usage, offering a robust mobile experience ensures that personnel can access HR services from wherever they are located. This allows them to view pay stubs, review time off balances, submit requests, update profiles, and receive notifications instantly.

Implementation of KP HR Connect

KP has outlined a phased rollout strategy for launching KP HR Connect across all its hospitals, clinics, and business entities. Let’s explore the high-level timeframes and groups involved.

Rollout Strategy and Timeline

The project rollout follows a staggered approach across 3 main waves:

Wave 1 – Pilot group of 60,000 personnel

  • Early 2020: Leadership demo
  • Mid 2020: Pilot launch
  • Late 2020: Iterations based on feedback

Wave 2 – Extended rollout to all staff

  • Early 2021: Clinic frontline personnel
  • Mid 2021:Remaining hospital staff
  • Late 2021: Business services staff

Wave 3 – External Stakeholders

  • Early 2022: Retirees and job applicants
  • Late 2022: Alignment of contingent workforce

Adjustments were made between waves based on surveys, adoption data, and user feedback. Ongoing optizmizations continue as capabilities expand.

Change Management Considerations

Introducing a new HR system for over 300,000 employees warrants thoughtful change management. KP formed an operational steering committee to inform system design and capabilities. Leadership endorsements, videos from executives, and a broad communication plan promoted awareness.

During launch, the project team monitored adoption metrics to address low usage groups with additional training. “Super users” offered peer support for the new technology across locations.

Surveys gauged system satisfaction to continuously refine and enhance KP HR Connect. With these elements in place, the rollout instilled employee confidence in the digital transformation.

Benefits of KP HR Connect

This powerful new digital platform for human resources aims to benefit KP personnel in multiple ways.

Streamlined HR Processes

By enabling self-service transactions through automation, KP HR Connect eliminates manual processes for routine requests like paid time off management. Employees and managers can access and update this information directly rather than going through HR administrators.

Chatbots provide real-time support to respond to basic inquiries on policies or functional questions. This reduces email and call volumes to HR contact centers. AI and machine learning features will continue enhancing the self-service capabilities.

Enhanced Employee Experience

The simplified interface and consumer-style user experience make HR processes accessible for all employees regardless of comfort with technology. The central system ends constant toggling between separate tools that existed previously.

With all data and documentation accessible in one spot, personnel can get questions answered efficiently without Starting over with each system. Ongoing enhancements based on user feedback continue elevating satisfaction.

Data-Driven Insights

As more HR data consolidates into the unified KP HR Connect platform, new reporting and analytics opportunities emerge from the aggregated data sets. Leaders can analyze trends across the employee lifecycle to inform strategic workforce planning.

Predictive analytics will eventually help identify talent risks and refine hiring approaches by location or role. As data pools grow, AI functionality can generate insights for data-backed decision making.

Looking Ahead with KP HR Connect

The initial phases of KP HR Connect focus heavily on core HR functionality and stabilizing for a broad employee base. What does the future look like?

Potential for Expanded Capabilities

With the foundations solidified, KP can assess expanding into talent management modules like performance reviews, internal mobility, and career development planning. Enabling these solutions allows further personalization for employees managing their growth.

As contractors play an increasing role in operations, KP is exploring integrating contingent workforce management into the platform. This would allow holistic visibility and centralized compliance oversight across all worker categories.

Ongoing Innovation and Improvements

KP maintains a roadmap for continually evolving KP HR Connect with innovations to enhance capability and personalization. The platform collects extensive usage data and feedback analytics to inform the roadmap priorities.

Expansions will focus on functionality adding value for managers and employees while streamlining back-end workflows through RPA, AI, and automation. For instance, new hire onboarding procedures could incorporate process mining to accelerate document processing.

The cutting-edge technology architecture allows modifying experiences without extensive re-platforming initiatives. This positions KP to respond to trends in human capital management with agility.

KP HR Connect Helpline

For any account issues with KP HR Connect, employees can contact the 24/7 helpdesk support at:


The support team assists with login, access, system or technical issues promptly. Employees need to provide their Kaiser employee ID badge number for verification.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

The launch of KP HR Connect ushers in digital transformation for human resources at one of America’s largest healthcare organizations. Early results demonstrate strong adoption and satisfaction scores. Employees and managers benefit from its self-service functionality, consolidated data access, and mobile-responsive experience.

Ongoing enhancements around personalization, automation, and reporting will solidify the platform as a core infrastructure element for improved workforce productivity. As Kaiser Permanente continues responding to industry disruption, investments like KP HR Connect optimize its most valuable asset – its people.


Q1. Is KP HR Connect app available?

Yes, KP HR Connect mobile app called ‘My HR’ is available for free download on Play Store and App Store.

Q2. How can I update my personal details on Kaiser Permanente HR portal?

Login to KP HR Connect > Go to My Profile > Click on About Me tab to update details like home address, phone number, emergency contacts etc.

Q3. What is PingID in Kaiser Permanente login?

PingID provides additional verification for securing Kaiser system access via 2-way notifications during login.

Q4. Can I view my Kaiser employment history on HR portal?

Yes, login to KP HR Connect portal and go to My Job > My Personal Profile to view complete employment history with Kaiser.

Q5. Is Kaiser Permanente HR phone number available 24/7?

Yes, KP HR Connect helpdesk at 1-877-457-4772 is available 24×7 to assist employees with any issues.

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